mark levin for president

April 8, 2009

my country is abandoning its roots…the founding fathers are a thing of the past…no longer is our nation a ‘christian nation’ as our inexperienced president has announced…

i have never believed that God is pro-American…He is pro-christian…pro-human…His favor is not for one nation over another…that ended after Christ died on the cross…since then, He is the God of all men…

having said that, i am saddened by the words of obama…this nation was formed with Christian values at its base…the founding fathers wrote and truly believed that this new nation must have, at its core, Christian values or it would be lost…

i’ve just read mark levin’s book ‘liberty and tyranny’…the last time i was so moved was after i read goldwater’s masterpiece on conservatives…this book is the new book of the conservative party…it should be required reading for every student above the age of 10…it must be analyzed, broken down and digested…every American and future American must use it as a tool to get back to the principles and standards that made this nation great…

our nation is the greatest nation on earth…if obama and his minions have their way, we will soon be like any other nation of europe…

we must not let that happen…

God bless America


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