the horizontal president

April 9, 2009

i was raised by parents who were the least racists people i’ve ever known…in my parents eyes, everyone was a child of God and everyone was equal in the sight of God…everyone…my father lost a job as a minister of the Lord’s church because he wanted to invite Black families to worship with us…our elders said ‘no’…he said ‘yes’…so they fired him…i was so proud of my father…he’s my hero…

yesterday i saw my president bowing to the king of saudi arabia…bowing…the Unitied States President…Bowing!!!

i had to really fight hard against the anger boiling up in my heart for my president…i may not agree with anything he’s doing or saying but he’s my president and the Bible tells me i must respect my government and obey the laws…

still…i know a few soldiers who weren’t too happy with it…and i’m sure that the families of soldiers who have died so that our president didn’t have to bow to anyone, were a little dismayed…and i know that the memory of soldiers from past wars were slapped in the face by the sight of our president bowing to the king of saudia arabia…and i’m fairly certain that the secret service guys who would give their lives for our president felt embarrased by the sight of their president, the leader of the free world, bowing to another head of state…

who does he think he is? just another al sharpton or jesse jackson cowtowing to the whims of whoever just because they’re black? he’s the president of the United States of America!

i believe that obama is getting a pass from the media and liberals everywhere because he is Black…if a white republican president had bowed to another head of state, he would be skewered…oh, wait, a white democratic president DID bow to another head of state and got wacked by the media…so, why didn’t obama?

oh, yea! silly me…i forgot…he’s ‘the One’…he can do no wrong…sorry, i lost my head for a second…

also, the ‘Black Causcus’ (whatever that is) met with the cuban leader and a few of them got to meet with fidel himself! they were overjoyed and couldn’t hide their giddish schoolgirl crush on the man who jailed and tortured a Black man for years! the cuban leader is a flat out racist and they don’t care! he wants to help obama succeed!…well, of course he does…obama is, of course, a socialist wannabe…and probably reminds him of a young junior senator who was once president in the 60s…ah, memories…


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