easter sunday worshippers

April 10, 2009

one of my favorite passages is from Luke 24…when the women went to the tomb of Jesus to put spices on Him, they found that someone had moved the stone…now, i’m not sure how they thought that they could roll the stone away themselves, but it was already rolled…the sight confused them…who had done this? then, they saw two men wearing shiny clothing…that scared the women and they dropped to the ground…then the two angels asked a question that told the women everything they needed to know, ‘Why do you seek the living among the dead.”…why indeed…

every Easter sunday millions of people go to church with shiny faces and new clothes…this is usually the only time they attend the local services (except for maybe christmas…unless christmas falls on game day or there are too many presents to open)…these people go to worship services to celebrate the resurrection of Christ…and i’m wondering – if they go to church to celebrate the risen Christ, why aren’t they following what Christ told them to do? in Luke 22, Christ told His disciples to partake of His body and blood in order for them to remember His death, burial and resurrection…and, in I Corinthians, He tells us that whenever the church comes together (on the first day of the week) to partake of the Lord’s supper, do it in a manner worthy of His death and resurrection…

so, if you’re going to church on easter sunday and no other sunday, please stay home…you’re doing yourself more harm than good…and, read you bible…you’ll learn a few things…


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