you can’t handle the truth!!!

April 24, 2009

what we have in washington are a bunch of idiots and liars…no surprise there but the real problem is the way the American people are being duped into believing that torture was used on terrorists and how horrible the last administration was in doing so!

just stop! listen to the facts and try and grow some brain cells today…i’m talking to you, olbermann! stop whining and throwing fits about a non-issue!

basically, pelosi and reid and all the others trying to wriggle out of the discussion about what they knew and when did they know it, are acting like pontius pilate when it came to crucifying Jesus…he was afraid of making the Jews mad and afraid of looking weak in front of the romans…so, he punted and ordered the Christ crucified…

pelosi and reid and all the other cowards are punting…they don’t want to look bad in front of their voters and they’re afraid of the backlash and, to be honest, jail time…so, they’re punting…’i can’t discuss this in lieu of an investigation’…what a bunch of hogwash…

another point: waterboarding…think about it…is it torture? if so, then you better tell the US Navy Seals…they do it to their recruits in training…and thank God! the Seals are the best fighting men and women in the world…and, they’re not wimps…have you even seen GI Jane????

our nation is in so much trouble right now…we’re less safe than any other time in history…i miss Ronald Reagan so much right now…and, i wish Fred Thompson had been elected president…what a difference it would have made…

but, i digress…if the democrats want a ‘truth commision’, i say: ‘bring it on!’ let’s get to the truth…


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