May 11, 2009

i’m sure my mother never reads this blog…she’s not into political blogs…so, i’ll just post this about her:

she’s a wonderful mother…she’s intellegent, funny, strong, spiritual and kind…i gave her a hard time growing up (and well into my 40s) but every child gives their mother a hard time…it’s their job, i guess…

one of my favorite memories of my mother is that first sunday morning we were in deridder louisiana…we lived next to the church building and my father was going to preach his first sermon as their new preacher…on the walk over to church services, my mother took my hand and we walked hand-in-hand…she didn’t do ‘affection’ very often…and that few moments holding her hand will stay with me for the rest of my life…

of course, people at church thought i was retarded but that’s beside the point…

i’m blessed to have her as my mother…


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